Bowen Lodge Fishing Videos: Tips and Tactics For Mastering Lake Winnibigoshish

Grant Prokop Provides Tips For First Time Trip To Lake Winnibigoshish

“Four your first time going to Winnibigoshish targeting Walleyes and big Northern Pike, I highly recommend using a bottom bouncer or crankbait. Using these search lures, you can cover a ton of water on the big 60,000 acre lake.
Once you find Walleyes or Pike, you can slow down your presentation and switch to a Lindy Rig or a Jig.”

Grant Prokop Targets Big Pike and Musky On Winnibigoshish

“On Lake Winnibigoshish, I like to target big Northern Pike and Muskies. After the post spawn, when the water goes toward that 70 range, I like to look towards the weed beds.
Throw jerk baits and top water baits as well as Bucktails and these will produce fish for you.”

Bowen Lodge Hosts Ruffed Grouse and Bobwhite Quail Hunting

“If you like upland game bird hunting, then this episode of Outdoor Bound TV will be fun to watch. Bowen Lodge has hosted plenty of fabulous Ruffed Grouse Hunts over the years. But when the Grouse season ends, Bowen Lodge owners Bill and Gail Heig make their way south to enjoy top notch hunting for Bobwhite Quial.”

Jeff Skelly starts deep on sunny days, moves shallow when it’s overcast

“One common question folks ask about fishing on Winnie is “Where do I start?”. When the sun is shining, head out to mid-lake structure with Lindy Rigs and Leeches. When the clouds are in, fish the weed edges in 10 to 12 feet of water using a spinner and leeches.”

Dale Anderson using spinners to produce summertime Walleye on Winnie

“When I’m targeting Walleye on Winnibigoshish in mid-June Thru July, I like using a two hook crawler harness with a smile blade. I use this spinner rig in both shallow and deep water. In shallow water, I use light weight bullet sinkers and out deep I switch to 1-1/2 to 2 ounce inline weights.”

Reed Ylitalo advises; fish aren’t always visible on your electronics

On calm, sunny days, Ylitalo travels into deep water on Winnie using his Humminbird to locate fish. There are days though when Walleyes will not show up on your graph, but they’re still there. These “roaming fish” are scattered and not easily visible. Trust your instinct and fish good structure, even when you can’t see fish.

Steve Picht uses crankbaits and planer boards for shallow water Pike

“For a change of pace from Walleye fishing, we like to troll using #5 or #7 Berkley Flicker Shads placed 8 to 10 feet behind a planer board. We’ll send the planer board all the way into 2, 3 or 4 feet of water in search of big Winnie Pike.”

Zach Churnis uses long shank jigs for better hook ups on Walleye

“When I fish Lake Winnibigoshish for Walleye, I love using a jig with a long shank hook. This allows me to place the hook farther into the minnow’s body and improves my hook sets.”

Mark and Kris Wilson Use Big Minnows on Lake Winnie

"One of the favorite things we like to do on Winnibigoshish is fishing for big Walleyes, using big minnows. Using a Lindy Rig with 7 foot leader, we typically hook these minnows through the top lip. Good boat control allows us to hover over the fish, allowing them time to bite."

Jim and Amy McIntyre Bowen Lodge Guest Services love to fish!

”Jim and Amy McIntyre love to fish and that’s why working at Bowen Lodge is such perfect fit. Amy McIntyre, Director of Guest Services says; “at Bowen Lodge, employees have the opportunity to fish as much as they can.”
Their knowledge helps our guests find more fish, more quickly.

Randy and Julie Jones advise, enlist the services of local fishing guides.

Randy and Julie Jones have come from Dallas Texas to visit Bowen Lodge for the past six years and when the Jones’ visit Lake Winnie, they always enlist the service of a local fishing guide. “We have the advantage of using his equipment, his boat and most of all, his knowledge of Lake Winnibigoshish.”

Reed Ylitalo, Wings and Walleyes Guide Service; Add A Barrel Swivel To Reduce Line Twist When Jig Fishing.

"When I'm jig fishing, I typically put a barrel swivel 18 to 20 inches above my jig. Adding the swivel takes all the spin out of the jig when you're snap-jigging through the rocks and cabbage."

Reed Ylitalo, Wings and Walleyes Guide Service; Troll Slow For Walleyes On Hot, Calm Days.

"A lot of people ask me how I catch fish day in and day out on these hot, calm days and my trick is moving very slow.
Whether I'm on a sand point or mid-lake hump, I troll slowly, using boat speeds of .2 to .4 miles an hour. Moving really slowly allows me to get them fish to bite."

Grant Prokop, 1000 Lakes Sports, Cohasset MN; Target Weeds For Pike During Cool Weather, Boulders and Sand During Mid-summer.

"I like targeting big Northern Pike on Winnibigoshish. I like to target these fish in the weeds during the spring and in the fall. I fish on the boulders as well sometimes in the sand during the middle of the summer."

Grant Prokop, 1000 Lakes Sports, Cohasset MN; Keep Your Hooks Sharp For Better Hooksets and For Safety.

"Maintaining a sharp hook is important for improved hookups and for safety; if you get stuck with that hook, it's going to come a lot easier.
A quick easy process is shaving along each side of the hook until you get a nice fine point, then going to be inside of the hook one last time to sharpen it."

Bill Heig, Bowen Lodge; Target Weed Flats Using Ultra Light Gear For Jumbo Perch

"When gearing up for for fishing jumbo perch on Lake Winnie, I like to fish using ultra-light reels spooled with 4 pound test. Paired with an ultra light rod, use 1/16 ounce jigs tippeed with fathead minnows. I look for sandy flats with a little bit of cabbage mixed in. Then I cast and retrieve my lure, that way I can cover a lot of ground."

Jeff Skelly, Fins To Feathers Guide Service; Here's how you can easily remove the Y-Bones from a Northern Pike.

"First score the fillet just above the lateral line, towards the back. The second step is to cut behind the bones right on the lateral line. Simply cut underneath the bones and pull them right off. Now you you can enjoy eating a bone-free Northern Pike Fillet."

Jared S, Bowen Lodge; Catch Walleye Usin Simple Jig and Minnow Technique

"I like to fish Walleyes on Winnie and I like using a simple technique, jig and minnow. A 1/8 ounce chartreuse jig, tipped with a spottail minnow. When I fish this, I can work it really slowly along rock edges and weedlines."

Jeff Skelly, Fins To Feathers Guide Service; Lindy Rigs For Warm Water Walleye On Lake Winnie

"If you want to enjoy your vacation a lot more, then make sure you bring some Lindy Rigs along on your trip. A supply of 1/2 ounce egg sinkers, 6 foot snells using a number 4 hook on 6 to 8 pound test line. Tip the hook with lively lecches aor night crawlers and you can enjoy a great Walleye trip on Lake Winnibigoshish."

Jeff Skelly, Fins To Feathers Guide Service; During Spring, The Jig and Minnow Is All You Need For Shallow Water Walleye

"Come opening day, the jig and minnow combination is the only tool I need for catching Lake Winnie Walleyes. A small assortment of colors in both 1/8 and 1/16 ounce jig sizes, a scoop of minnows in the 2-1/2 to 4 inch size range and you're set. Use the presentation in water depths of 6 to 8 feet and you will catch Walleyes on Winnibigoshish."


Bowen Lodge, Who We Are.

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